Awakening the human potential for inspiring sustainable, impactful, solutions

October 27th-29th 2017

Charlottesville, Virginia
A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Who are the Awesome Event Organizers?

The organizers are a diverse group of community organizers, therapists, coaches, educators, and nonprofit administrators. We have seen the benefit of understanding the invisible, yet tangible human experience, which guides thinking, decision making and ultimately outcomes. Through understanding how reflection, insight and well-being occur, we have seen sustainable benefits in our personal and working lives, and in those of our clients.

While burnout, stress, and anxiety are on the rise, we have found ways to serve, care and thrive in spite of grave circumstances.

We, the conference organizers, are committed to sharing this simple and helpful understanding with others. We intend that wellbeing, wisdom and healing would ripple out from this awesome event for all human beings.

After all conference expenses are paid, any proceeds from this event will be reinvested into scholarships for attendees and speakers in need of financial support or utilized for future program and training scholarships by the nonprofit Center for Sustainable Change.

Jeanne Catherine

Founder of Divine Play
Certified Three Principles Practitioner

Kathy Johnson

Event Coordinating Volunteer
The Awesome Event

Lynanne Lawhead

Chief Operating Officer
Center for Sustainable Change

Jen Lucas

Certified Three Principles Practitioner
A Charlottesville Practice

Dave Nichols

Brooke Wheeldon-Reece