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October 27th-29th 2017

Omni Charlottesville Hotel, Charlottesville, Virginia

Recovery Action Focus Track

Recovery from Addiction

with Barnett Gilmer and Debbie Trent

Is Addiction Destroying Your Life? Or the Life of Someone you Love?

Recovery doesn’t have to be:

  • White-knuckling your way to staying sober.
  • Carrying the label of addict for the rest of your life.
  • Living in constant fear of relapse.
  • Difficult and painful.

Recovery can be:

  • Discovering the innermost core of your health and learning that it can be trusted.
  • Living at peace with yourself and your world.
  • Knowing – even when the world looks dark and gloomy and nothing seems right – that the darkness will pass and the sun shines behind the clouds.
  • Easy and joyful.

Our society has searched for decades to find ways to help people recover from addiction. Many of those methods have been punitive and painful. Success rates have been low.

Recovery can be joyful, a process of healing both for the individual and for the entire family. Recovery comes from an inside-out understanding of life.

This track offers you the opportunity to discuss this inside-out recovery process with individuals who have used it to find their personal recovery. You can also explore with a mother how she maintained her own health and stability as she waited for her child to discover his.
Join us if you would like to participate in open, honest and engaging exchange about introducing this life altering recovery alternative in your community, in your family or in your life. No previously knowledge about the Three Principles is required.

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Barnett Gilmer

I have a passion for helping people improve their lives and I have exercised that passion in the treatment and recovery industry. And while I have worked in outstanding facilities, I felt there was room for improvement… so I opened my own with the focus on the “guest.”

While working in other treatment facilities, I found inconsistencies (staff and counselors not “walking the walk,” preferential treatment, etc.) that adversely affected those who were seeking help. I found that handling the “details” such as atmosphere, food, cleanliness of facility, treating people with dignity and respect and a staff having a caring attitude was almost as important as the program. If the “guest” is not treated with dignity and importance; how do they build it in themselves?

I made a decision to build a treatment facility I could be proud to own and worked hard to move the idea from a concept to a reality. First, I acquired my master’s degree in health care administration emphasizing residential substance abuse treatment. I then worked with a team of doctors, psychologists, licensed mental health counselors and former clients to create it. Our top priority when developing our program and treatment center was the “guest.” We focused on giving each guest the best possible chance of recovery.

I applied my observations & learning’s to my facility: Gulf Breeze Recovery. I knew we could create a better way. While we are very proud of our facility and get great grades from our guests, we consistently take an inward look at ourselves and our program to assure we avoid complacency and are always working to improve.

Barnett Gilmer

Debbie Trent

Debbie Trent has a Master’s Degree and an Education Specialist Degree in Counseling from Marshall University Graduate College. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

A native West Virginian, Debbie’s work included community based substance abuse prevention efforts, community mental health services, adjunct faculty at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, and Marshall University Graduate College, as well as her private practice called New Attitude.

After moving to Florida in 2006, Debbie became executive director at Cypress Initiative, Inc., a non-profit organization in Tampa offering trainings in correctional settings, for businesses and organizations, and in the community. She left that position to again go into private practice.

Debbie joined Gulf Breeze Recovery as their first full-time therapist, and later accepted the position of Clinical Director. What she loves most is helping people understand that they can have peace, happiness and contentment despite past or current life stressors.

Debbie and her husband Guy live in Gulf Breeze, Florida. They have one daughter Leona, a physician assistant in Dunedin, FL.

Debbie Trent

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